The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) / Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH)

Is your organization receiving patient information classified as “Confidential”, whether you are the First party receiving this Confidential Data or you are an outsourced entity working on this data, YOU ARE MANDATED TO BE HIPAA/HIPAA HITECH compliant? 

Are you sure that you are complying to HIPAA requirements? Wouldn't it be better to find out now before the government comes after you or your patients and business associates question your commitment to compliance and take their business elsewhere?

The HIPAA Security Rule requirement for Risk Analysis is arguably the most daunting task that the regulation puts forth. Both vast and vague, it instructs covered entities to:

"Conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information held by the covered entity." (45 CFR 164.308 (a)(1))

Fortunately, the Intouch Worldcan assist you by leading your efforts. Our HIPAA consultants will perform an evaluation of your business practices, your existing policies and procedures, as well as your technical infrastructure and recommend steps to remedy any non-compliant areas or activities.

Our team of HIPAA consultants, who are IT Process and Technical experts, will take the following steps to Assess whether your organization is HIPAA compliant:

• Assess all of your organization's security policies be it formal/informal.
• Assess all of your organization's privacy policies be it formal/informal. 
• Assess your organization's risk analysis efforts and documentation. 
• Assess your HIPAA training efforts. 
• Assess your privacy and security programs.
• Assess your organization's physical environment for potential HIPAA violations. 
• Provide specific guidance of how to fix problems related to HIPAA compliance. 

Other services offered are:
• HIPAA Consulting 
• HIPAA Security Rule Overview 
• HIPAA Gap Analysis 
• HIPAA Compliance Roadmap 
• HIPAA Risk Analysis 
• HIPAA Remediation 
• HIPAA Security Policies Customization 
• HIPAA Contingency Planning and BIA 
• HIPAA Privacy and Security Advisor 
• HIPAA Security Compliance Audit for Evaluation Standard 
• HIPAA Vulnerability Assessment 

Upon successful completion of your HIPAA Compliance Audit, including helping you take steps to ensure that your organization is HIPAA compliant, we will issue your organization a Certificate of HIPAA Compliance in the Privacy and Security Regulations. Typically, organizations may need additional resources in the areas of project management, risk analysis, vulnerability assessment, security remediation initiatives, contingency planning and an interim security officer. Intouch Worldcan also assist your organization with professional staffing requirements. Intouch Worldconsultants are available on a time and materials basis or for long term engagements. 

Let us know your specific requirements and we will tailor a solution for you.

Why worry about compliance? Avail our HIPAA Consulting services today!!

Let Intouch Worldtake care of your HIPAA concerns

Advantage VISTA InfoSec
• End to end turnkey solution tailormade for your specific environment and business needs 
• No extra work in managing multiple documentation sets… single document set developed across multiple standards such as HIPAA, ISO27001, PCI DSS, etc.


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