SCADA Assessment

SCADA Assessment helps reduce risk to SCADA systems, and encourages compliance with regulatory mandates by assessing and analyzing vulnerabilities that could lead to compromise.

Protecting the organization’s infrastructure

There has been an ever increasing number of cyber attacks against Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and other process control systems at sensitive locations such as power generation stations, nuclear and petroleum production plants, water treatment facilities, mass-transit systems and other critical infrastructure systems.

Taking into consideration the sensitive nature of what they protect, SCADA and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are high potential or “limelight” targets for hackers and terrorists. Intouch WorldSecurity Services helps provide a comprehensive approach to SCADA security, to protect SCADA environments using Professional Security Services consultants who are experienced in assessing and analyzing the vulnerabilities of SCADA and other process control systems.

InTocuh World’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment services are based on our proven penetration testing and vulnerability assessment methodologies and techniques that provide a detailed (but controlled to minimize impact on sensitive operations) review of the client’s systems and networks. 

InTouch World will evaluate the overall effectiveness of the SCADA security management program against business requirements, industry best practices, identify gaps and recommend action items for improving the security of the environment. The service also works to fulfill regulatory compliance mandates designed to protect critical process control systems from attack.

InTouch World’s assessment involves interviews with key business and IT personnel, documentation review, and controlled port and vulnerability scans and validation testing of the electronic security perimeter (ESP) and SCADA infrastructure to ascertain how these vulnerabilities may indirectly or directly impact the operational environment (or, depending on the sensitivity of the system, a manual review of security configuration settings). 

Last but not the least, as the final component in the testing process, Intouch World will assess the security management processes of the SCADA application such as user and group management, access controls, application and system security configurations, and authentication processes.

Intouch World Advantage

  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the SCADA security management program against industry best practices and business requirements 
  • Intouch World expertise as a trusted security partner
  • Helps organizations focus on business missions and productivity instead of security issues


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